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We are very interested in advising you as interested parties or customers in the best possible way and to answer all open questions as soon as possible. In the following f-a-q we will try to answer all the questions that arise.

If you still have unanswered questions or understanding problems, please contact your exclusive partner or write us a message via our support (bottom right). Please don’t forget to leave your email and a full message.

Let´s start with automated trading
Your WolfTrader team

If you now want to purchase your first software trading license(s) of 2,500 EUR (each 10,000 USD NYMEX trading capital), this initially seems more complicated than it ultimately is.

Rest assured that we want to make this purchase unnecessarily difficult for you, but we have to provide us with legal security.

The procedure you need to follow looks like this:

  1. First of all, please register at:
  2. You should then follow the verification process so that our funding partner can create an account for you to manage the NYMEX. All information can be found on the verification page.
  3. Wait for your verification to be fully shared by email and as a green notice in your dashboard.
  4. Now visit the dashboard subpage “License Purchase
  5. Please download the order form, read it thoroughly, fill it out, sign EVERY page and scan it or make copies of it with your phone. You will need them as soon as you want to buy a license or a license package.
    Download PDF-English here | PDF-File ENGLISH | PDF-File NEDERLANDS | PDF . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  6. Now buy your desired license package. This will now be transferred to your shopping cart and you can now be directed to the checkout.
  7. Please enter your billing address on the following page (this will be later on your invoice header) and upload all pages of the order form – which you have filled out as a scan or mobile phone photo.
  8. Finalize your purchase via eWallet or bank transfer payment.
  9. Once the money has arrived, your license will be created on the next possible date. We activate each on 01. and 15th of a month, the newly acquired licenses. If one of these days is on a weekend, this will be created on the next possible trading business day/trading day by our funding partner. Your first return distribution and activation will usually take place on the first following Wednesday of your newly created license.

Due to contractual conditions with our funding partners, a maximum of 15 licenses per customer are to be purchased, unless contractually stipulated.

If you prefer other trading volumes, please contact us directly.

For you as a customer, the risk is very low and consists of the maximum loss of your purchase value for the license(s).

In futures trading, you can basically lose everything as a trader. (literally house & yard).
As a customer of WolfTrader, WolfFunding & Fundingpartner, you do not have this risk – more than the loss of the license purchase value is not possible.
With our very large funding partners, we have been able to limit the customer risk extremely. Our contracts with these partners naturally pre-determine that our software achieves your results perfectly. Therefore, if there is a negative outcome at the end of the month, the result for you is ultimately only one thing: you will not receive a return on your eWallet this month.

The funding partner will then have to replenish the lost capital per licence at the beginning of next month.
You start each month again with USD 10,000 per active license. (Whether the last month has been positive or negative.)

If the result is positive, we will transfer the return received to your eWallet at the end of the month.
If the result is negative, you will not receive a return and the funding partner will fill in the capital to start again next month with USD 10,000.

As a rule, we only hear the question from customers who are very inexperienced in this field and naturally want to secure themselves in all directions.

If the stock exchange were a product or service to be insured, there would be no real losers on the stock exchange.

The answer to the question must be a ‘NO’. Neither we nor an insurer will insure you the trades on a futures exchange.

But rest assured that we have tested and improved our software very extensively in recent years. In addition, we have minimized the risk to our customers with automated software and very financially strong funding partners to such an extent that you may even have less risk with our automated software than with our own trading. (ETF, FOREX,…).

First of all, you should know that we do not trade any stocks, ETF or Forex. We are 100 on the futures market in the US.
For more information on trading on futures markets, please visit the CME Group website.

In order to reduce the risk very much, we have specialized in market areas with very low news potential.
These include flour, sugar, corn, crude oil, etc.

Depending on trading volumes, rules based on the algorithm, the software alone decides whether to trade or not. The algorithm is followed by a huge number of variables & “if-then” functions, analysis data evaluation, etc.
Due to the company’s secrecy and market monopoly, these software details cannot be explained in more detail.

Returns are generally issued to you cumulatively after 2 or 3 trading days each. The specified days are Wednesday and Friday.

Of course, a profit distribution can only take place if there has also been a trade.

Please do not question every trading day and why it is e.g. On Fridays did not give a payout, but make a resumée at the end of the month. We simply cannot explain this in detail to every client, both for reasons of time and due to trading behaviour.

This information can be found both on our website, in our forms and will be explained to you in a comprehensible way by your/an exclusive partner. (If this is not the case, please contact you.)

Example based on 1 license:
Purchase value: 2,500 EUR
Retail value on the NYMEX: 10,000 USD

Return payments in the dashboard
0 – 2,500 EUR = 100 % return
=> You will receive 100 % of the return by trading on the NYMEX on your license until your license reaches its purchase value of 2,500 EUR each.
Until this time, neither the funding partner nor WolfFunding earns from this trade.

2,500 EUR – € = 50 % return
=> You get 50 % of the return by trading on the NYMEX on your license, since the returns of the license cover the purchase value to 100 % .
From now on, Fundingpartner & WolfFunding will also earn a share of the trades.

We want to make our concept as pleasant as possible for our customers and that they can get out of their risk as soon as possible.

The moment from when our customers realize actual profit takes place only when the investment amount has been generated. Thus, if a customer received only 50 of the profits from the outset, the other two parties would already enrich themselves on the customer’s license and not act for the benefit of the customer.

However, once the customer has received 100 of his investment, a profit share of the parties as described above is fair and honest.

(The fee for the software trading license itself is to be excluded from this example).

Actually you can request a withdrawal every day, if you have available eWallet-balance to withdraw.

However, the first payout is only possible if you have earned the value of your license purchase as a return per license. This is a contractual component with our funding partners.

These available amounts can be found detailed> on your eWallet page = “Request withdrawal

However, since the funding partner invests the money in the USA, we have to apply for it cumulatively. Understandably, a withdrawal request cannot be processed every day. These additional costs might be charged by the funding partner and were therefore unanimously rejected by us. Therefore, it may take 2-3 weeks to withdraw.
(Including transfer time from the US to the EU area.)

Since we cannot apply for the money for each individual from our funding partners, we collect the withdrawal requests and make the withdrawal request cumulatively. The latter then checks the amounts and, after verification, arranges the payment.

= We do not trade in the EU with an economically active broker, but directly at NYMEX in the USA and therefore cannot make the payout within 2 -3 working days.

After application, the application takes incl. Transfer time from the USA approx. 2 to 3 weeks.

Once the money has been received, we will transfer it to the account you have provided.

Our funding partners are one of the fundamental factors in the success of WolfTrader & WolfFunding.
As you can imagine, we will not release this information without a signed non-disclosure agreement. Since there are very high criminal consequences in the event of a breach of contract, we kindly ask you to treat this information extremely confidentially.

For more information on the non-disclosure agreement and how to proceed, please contact your exclusive partner.

The client himself rents out his software trading license (with our order form) to our funding partners in the USA and receives premiums.

It is not a classic investment concept.
In addition, traders are not listed on the stock exchange, unless they are commercially involved in the market with more than USD 50 million.

Unfortunately, no. There are several reasons for this:

  1. This function is still in the planning stage and comes at a very high cost.
  2. Our focus is on constructive improvements to our software and dashboard.
  3. High additional costs due to Rithmic data feeds.


This is our German company, which is only responsible for software development. We want to make our customers understand that our product is a purely German development and that we are behind our product.

Every customer is able to find our contact details of the company as well as the owner, who are very solidly based in Germany.


WolfFunding is the link between WolfTrader and our funding partners. Due to German regulatory difficulties, we have decided to move this mediation abroad.


You do your legal transactions with WolfTrader in Germany, wolffunding then organizes the necessary capital at NYMEX.

Since we are a young company, have invested our own capital in development and do not have enough turnover in the early days, we are a UG for the time being.

WolfTrader itself is not wealthy or trades the capital. This is solely the responsibility of our funding partners, who, however, use our software. As long as your purchased licenses have not generated 100 returns with our software, WolfTrader will not receive any share of the profit.

However, a UG is completely identical to the GmbH with regard to your legal transactions and handling. This only has to have the intention of the profit management in order to form a gmbH out of the UG.

Both WT WolfFunding LTD and WolfTrader UG take data protection very seriously.

Surely one or the other customer has already asked why we require an ID card and proof of address in the verification dashboard. We are legally obliged to require these documents under the Money Laundering Act and must be able to present them at the latest for the distribution of profits.

In this case, only proof means that there is a verification process in our dashboard and that it must be successfully completed.

We assure you that we do not pass on these documents to third parties.
Another reason why the dashboard and the brokers run over Cyprus is the protection for our customers.
A German tax office has to present court orders to request information from a company in Cyprus. Nevertheless, we would like to point out once again that each customer is independently responsible for his tax treatment for a long time.

Basically, we welcome everyone with a coffee, tea or a cola.

In and of itself, our office in Ahaus does not provide daily advice, which is usually done by our exclusive partners.

But of course we want to convince every customer of our existence, the company structure and how it works, so that trust also has a chance.

However, we kindly ask you to contact us in advance, as the software is usually used here and direct advice cannot necessarily be guaranteed.

Before you decide to become an exclusive partner, you should have purchased at least one license from us and collected enough information. This information includes all advantages as well as any disadvantages for you due to our general conditions.

You have the option of:

  1. download our exclusive partner brochure in the dashboard (= “”)
  2. on our website the “Become an exclusive partner” subpage – LINK
  3. Make a support request (chat & support function at the bottom right or email to or ask for a callback

If everything suits you and us, you will receive your exclusive partner contract documents from us after a personal interview.