01. Find your exclusive partner!

An exclusive partner is the link between you and us. Good advice is the basis for a good business-relation between us.

Experience has shown that over time, new questions are constantly coming up with you and other new customers, which are completely normal due to the flood of data. In order to be able to answer all these questions continuously and promptly, your exclusive partner in charge is always within reach.

Please look for an exclusive partner near you and contact them. If you can’t find one, we are also happy to provide you with an exclusive partner for the initial consultation.

Get advice and clarify open questions

02. Find out more about everything at this

Clarify unanswered questions such as:

Nothing could make a business relationship start worse, such as unanswered questions or uncertainties about whether you have done everything right.

  • Why do You need verification with ID & Proof of Address?
  • What are the returns?
  • Is trading really risk-reduced?
  • How exactly does the deposit & withdrawal work?
  • Why do I need a yearly license?
  • How fast could I start?

Get advice and clarify open questions

03. Register, verify, purchase license(s) - start!

We expressly point out that you use the advice from an exclusive partner, so that no open questions or misunderstandings arise.

You can then register via our customer dashboard.

After registration, you will be able to verify your necessary data in order to open an account with our broker. Once released, you can now purchase your license(s). Purchasing a license does not directly mean the start of trading. Licenses can only be issued for 01. and 15th of a month.

As soon as our financing partner WT WolfFunding Ltd. has invested the money in the NYMEX & CME Group, we activate your license(s), start the annual countdown and the returns are actively paid out.

Access to the customer dashboard
Here you will find all the information about your license package, returns, withdrawal options, support options, and much more.