Teamwork: Old and young harmonize in the job!

WolfTrader is actually like any young and modern company in this industry. Young employees score with up-to-date expertise and fresh ideas. The older colleagues, on the other hand, have the experience of being able to plan our stock market projects, software adaptations or marketing strategies carefully. If young and old work together in a team, their skills ideally complement each other. The result is often better results than if all employees are of the same age.

Certainly, many companies have discovered this structure for themselves and therefore rely on diversity of age. But intergenerational cooperation is not always easy.

“The more creative and innovative a work area is, the more meaningful and effective heterogeneous teams are.”

Different people differ in their age, gender and culture, this brings different perspectives, experiences and qualifications to a team. Every contributor is part of the WolfTrader team, whether you are an employee, an exclusive partner, a mini-jobber or a freelancer.

We at WolfTrader have been building on this company since the beginning of the planning and use all the strengths & weaknesses to bring the company to the top in the long run.


Lars Fränkel

Founder, CEO, Developer & Trader

Stefan Backes

Founder, CEO, Developer & Trader

Would you like to become an exclusive partner and part of the WolfTrader team?

Become an exclusive partner and your own boss!

You are firmly in life and have fun working with communicative people?

In addition, as another team & family member of the WolfTrader family, you would like to actively participate in us, create new event formats, meet interesting people, advance the company and support it in every way?

We have to assign various positions in the company, which make it possible to look outside the box and become a real player in a rapidly growing company.

If this suits you, we look forward to contacting you!